2-hour itinerary

In 2 hours of navigation, you can sail between the Meaux beach which is the starting point of the Marin D’eau Douce base and the “Moulin de Poincy”.

Go across the Marne river and discover during your trip the Pâtis natural park and the “Moulin de Poincy”. This itinerary will allow you to enjoy 7 kms gliding along the Marne from our base.

Go and discover the Marne river with our electric, licence-free boats. During this 2 hour trip, you will understand how to handle these boats and also relax. You will see, they are very easy to drive! Enjoy the calm of the Marne. Stay zen, breath smoothly and listen to the animal noises and the sound of water on the hull!

The Pâtis park : a good time out in the nature and a relaxing moment guaranteed, 30 minutes from Paris.

The Marne: a country setting from the Restaurant Le Canotier

What you can do :

Between the Pâtis natural park and the « Moulin de Poincy », you can stop at the « Guingette des Canotiers ».

The “Guinguette des Canotiers” offers menus including a starter, a main course and a dessert served on the water front. Don’t forget to book a table before coming on weekends.

Escape from the capital with Marin D’eau Douce. 30 minutes from Paris, discover a unique and natural landscape on board our boats 100 % environmently friendly. They are easy to handle and you will enjoy this discovery of navigation.

Renting a boat is very easy with Marin D’eau Douce. We will explain to you how to drive the boats and where to go. We will also give you a map of the itinerary you have chosen and you become your own captain on board.

Must see

Besides discovering the Pâtis natural park, the 2-hour itinerary will allow you to stroll up to the “Moulin the Poincy”. Situated between the Marne Bank and a green park, this authentic 17th century property near Meaux offers an exclusive setting.

The Marne, a green bower to discover by boat