Petite France Itinerary

The Petite France in Strasbourg with our electric boats

This itinerary is only for people with the River License Boat (to present before the rent): last departure is 4pm under the acceptance of the staff.
Our electric and license free boat are also available for people with a River Boat license.
This license gives you access to a special itinerary specially made for you with only access for people with boat license.
This itinerary is an approximate 12.5 kilometers loop and is a 4 hours tour without picnic and 6 hours with picnic in the heart of Strasbourg

It is therefore possible to rent one of our boats for 6 hours and admire the traditional architectural charm of the buildings and the landscape of this city differently. It is also possible to eat on board our boats but also to bring your own picnic. Who says better ?
During this itinerary that starts at Quai Woerthel near the Pont Couvert, you will sail to the historic center of Strasbourg going through the Lock A of the “Petite France” below the Saint Guillaume bridge. You will be able to go through the “Petite France” and admire the Vaubant dam, the Rohan Palace and the Strasbourg’s Cathedral, the European parliament, the Orangerie park, the André Malraux library, the point of the Cathedral, the Great Mosque of Strasbourg and numerous wharves.