Lille itineraries

Family sailing on the Deule

Whether you have 1 hour, 2 hours or even a whole day, whether you are with friends, family or couples, discover the Deûle and its surroundings like you have never seen them before! Marin d’Eau Douce gives you access to 20 kilometres of waterways on the Deûle, the Bras de la Barre and the Bras de Canteleu on our electric boats and without a licence. You will not find a more original activity in Lille, in addition to being unique, our concept is 100% Eco Friendly. Don’t wait any longer! Come and sail in Lille on our electric and licence free boats where you are the captain on board!

Renting an electric boat and without a licence in Lille is the guarantee of an unusual day, weekend with family or friends.

Our routes are divided into two aspects, the first two take place in an urban setting that gives an unusual and original aspect to navigation, for the routes of 3 hours and more, after leaving the city, towards the Lille countryside, its greenery and its calm. Marin d’Eau Douce already offers you the opportunity to get an idea of the route you would like to take for an unforgettable stroll:

1 hour itinerary:

In one hour’s sailing time from our base you can only sail via the ‘Bras de Canteleu” to the Bois Blanc and along the “Quai de l’Ouest” to see the city Eura Techologies from our electric boats and licence free.

➜ 6 km trip (Round trip) or about 1 hour

2 hours itinerary:

The two-hour route from our base is an urban route that will take you to the Marais district, along the Bois Blanc and the Port of Lille.

➜ 10 km trip (Round trip) or about 2 hours

3 hours itinerary:

Starting from our base, the three-hour route will allow you to leave the urban side, you will then discover a natural side up to the village of La Canteraine.

➜ 18 km trip (Round trip) or about 3 hours

Half day itinerary:

By taking our four-hour itinerary from our base, you will have the opportunity to discover a route in the heart of nature that will take you to Beussignies. You will also have the opportunity to pass by the magnificent Mosaic Garden of Cultures. This course is only possible with the “SCOOP” and “MOST” boats with 7 and 11 seats.

➜ 20 km journey (Round trip) or about 4 hours

1 day itinerary:

In 6 hours, you will have the opportunity to sail to the city of Don. Only possible with the “SCOOP” and “MOST” boats of 7 and 11 seats respectively, you will discover, after crossing the urban landscape, the unsuspected charm of the Lille countryside.

➜ 30 km journey (Round trip) or about 6 hours

View from the boat on the Deule

Our teams on site will be happy to guide you to help you choose your ideal itinerary and which will correspond to your desires. We also offer you the opportunity to enjoy your trip on our electric boats and licence free with our aperitif baskets made especially for you.