The Marne river

From the Meaux Beach, discover our electric, licence-free boats. Let yourself be carried along this legendary river steering your own boat. The Marne river is the main tributary of the Seine and is 514 km long.

Don’t worry, with Marin D’eau Douce your trip will take place between Meaux and the lock at the isle “les Meldeuses”, a distance of 20 kms.

The Marne seen from the river banks

This 20 km ride will be easy, our boats are simple to handle. Sailors ! boats , not rowboats ! Thanks to an electric engine, no noise, you will be able to hear the ducks, the sound of water. You will rest, relax; a peaceful moment guaranteed.

Environmentally friendly electric boats to sail on the Marne River

Moreover, our boats are environmentally friendly, no greenhouse gas emissions with electric engines.

When leaving the Meaux beach, watch out for swimmers! On your left, the Pâtis Park is a green bower of Meaux. In this natural park, you can observe a rich wildlife.

The Marne, a green bower to discover by boat
The Marne River, wild and natural near Meaux

After, you will sail in front of a small isle at the level of Trilport. Keep away of the edge. 3 kms further, you will discover a bigger isle in front of you, the isle Françon. It is a totally wooded area and is 1 km long. It is forbidden to moor there.

On your left, going up the Marne river, you will discover the “Moulin de Poincy”, a charming property where many weddings are organised.

A change of scenery along the Marne River
A trip on the Marne River with an electric, licence-free boat
Rich and diverse landscapes on the Marne

Head up stream and after a right angle turn, look on your left, you will be in sight of the isle Au Bœufs that you mustn’t bypass.

Finally you will arrive at an inn “L’Auberge du Gonfalon” for a well-deserved snack or lunch. This semi-gourmet restaurant will astonish you. Plan a 38e minimum budget per person on week days. (No menu on weekends).

The Marne: a country setting from the Restaurant Le Canotier
A rich and diverse nature can be discovered on the Marne river banks from silent electric boats electric licence-free boat
Discover the fauna and flora of the Marne with Marin d’Eau Douce
Sailing on the Marne with our licence-free boats