3-hour itinerary

In 3 hours of navigation, you will leave our base on the Meaux beach, cruise along the Pâtis natural park, the “Moulin de Poincy”, sail in front of the inn “Auberge du Gonfalon” and then continue your trip before turning back.

Go and discover the Marne river with our electric, licence-free boats. During a 3 hour cruise, the trip ends a few meters after the “Auberge du Gonfalon”. In 3 hours, you will cover 10 kms on the Marne from our Meaux base.

A good time outdoors and a relaxing moment guaranteed: the Pâtis park, at the gates of Paris, has a lot to offer.

Discover the wild river banks of the Marne with an electric, licence-free boat

What you can do :

Go and discover the Marne River on our electric, licence-free boats. You will love the peacefulness of this trip and the discovery of the Fauna and Flora.

All along this cruise, you will discover the Pâtis natural park, the “Moulin de Poincy”, have a break at the ”Guingette du Canotier” and the inn “Auberge du Gonfalon”.

The Marne River by boat near Meaux

Must see

After your trip, go to the Pâtis natural park and discover all kinds of outdoor activities: walking, bicycle rides, horse riding, fishing, sports courses.

Stop at the “Guinguette du Canotier” and enjoy the menus, the musique and the dance floor.

Situated in a green environment, the “Moulin de Poincy” offers an exclusive setting with its authentic charm.

Admire the beautiful deck, in the shade of the lime trees of the gastronomic inn “L’auberge du Gonfalon”.

Sailing on the Marne with our licence-free boats

A rich and diverse nature can be discovered on the Marne river banks from silent electric boats electric licence-free boat