The « Ponts Couverts »

The Ponts Couverts in Strasbourg

We have the chance to have our nautical base at the bottom of the famous “Ponts Couverts” of Strasbourg.

On the edge of the Petite France quarter, on the Strasbourg’s Island, the “Ponts Couverts” of Strasbourg are three bridges which overlook the Ill, in the heart of the Petite France, where is our base.

The “Ponts Couverts” were built in the XIII century et kept their names despite the disappearance of their roof in the XVIII century. They own their name to their old wooden roof. At the end of the XIX century, the wooden roof was replaced by the actual stoned roof.

The “Ponts Couverts” are dominated by three big towers built four centuries before, they were classed at the UNESCO historical monuments in 1928.

The imposing towers of the “Ponts Couverts” used to serve to protect the city of Strasbourg and its waterways and ensure the independence of the Republic of Strasbourg.

From our base you will have an easy access to those bridges.

Our base near the Ponts Couverts

The departure on our electric and license free boat will be at the 5 Quai du Woerthel, at the foot of the “Ponts Couverts” where our nautical base is.