Mini Boat Rental Rates

A trip on a mini boat

1 ticket = 10 minutes

  • Buy a ticket
  • 1 ticket : 4€
  • 5 tickets : 17€
  • 10 tickets : 30€

Security rules

A few rules to have fun without any risks:

  • Children under 9 must obligatorily be accompanied by an adult aboard the mini boats. For 9 year old children and onwards, it’s possible to let them sail alone as real captains!
  • Wearing a lifejacket is mandatory on board the mini boats in order to ensure children’s security.
  • The mini port navigation zone is marked by buoys. It is exclusively dedicated to our little sailors Moussaillon d’Eau Douce. It is not allowed to use the mini boats out of this zone. No boat can get out or enter this zone, your children will therefore be completely safe during their sailing activity. For family trips on the remainder of the Bassin de la Villette or on the Canal de l’Ourcq and the Canal Saint Martin, please contact us online: Rent a boat
  • The mini boats are not bumper cars. It is highly requested to respect the equipment and other users.
    Bathing in the Bassin de la Villette is strictly forbidden.
  • Be respectful of the basin’s environment and of the fish living there. Do not throw anything in the water or on the base.
The ferry boat
The police boat
The fire boat
The trawler