The “Petite France”

Ride between friends in the center of Strasbourg

During your escapade on electric and license free boats, you will have the possibilities to escape in the Petite France quarter which stays to most expressive area of the city.

Placed on the verge of the Strasbourg’s “Grande Ile”, this quarter is classified at the UNESCO World Heritage since 1988.

This quarter, not far from our nautical base is full of charm and history: So much to visit with your friends or family.

For the anecdote: Numerous artisans and workers then (fisherman, millers, tanners etc.) used to live and work in this fluvial district which is still now the most typical and charming of the Alsatian capital. There are still Small half-timbering houses from the XVI and XVII centuries.

Following the partial destruction of this quarter during the WWII, the city of Strasbourg engaged itself after the war in a rebuild politic of this district and succeed in preserving its Alsatian charm.

The “Petite France” quarter is easily accessible with our electric and license free boat, the “Petite France” attracts both tourists and its own residents that comes to eat, walk or just enjoy some fresh air.

Get on board on our boats and don’t miss this exceptional ride that gives you the chance to visit this amazing district that is the “Petite France”.

Discover the Petite France on our electrics boats