One-hour itinerary to Ostwald

Enjoy a relaxing ride on our electric boats

During this one-hour itinerary on our electric and license free boat you will star at our base, Quai du Woerthel, our point of departure and arrival. All our boats are going to the Saint Guillaume’s bridge direction, in the heart of Strasbourg.
This one-hour itinerary is an approximatively 5 kilometers round-trip that goes to the Montagne Verte quarter. During this tour you will pass the Vauban dam and also the “Ponts Couverts”. After, you will take the direction of the south of the Ill, admiring the Great Mosque of Strasbourg and the Ill’s nautical center. Then l’Ill become wilder for a greener getaway.
The best way to enjoy the rich wildlife of Strasbourg.
(Based on the size of the boat so on its speed the itineraries can be different).