The War Museum

This flagship museum in the Seine et Marne (30 minutes from Paris) is entirely devoted to the World War I. Marin D’eau Douce advises you to visit this exceptional museum that will thrill history or architecture enthusiasts.

Indeed, the Great War museum is visited as much as for its architecture than its impressive collection! This 7 000m2 unusual building seems to be suspended in the air defying the rules of weightlessness ; from the roof-top deck, discover a wonderful panoramic view of the town of Meaux and surrondings.

The War Museum in Meaux

This museum is totally dedicated to the World War I : it’s remarkable collection of 50 000 objects and documents has become a reference for history lovers.

It is one of the key sites for a day out combining leisure and cultural activities, 30 minutes away from Paris.

This 7 000m2 museum designed by the architect Christophe Lab offers visitors a recreational family outing or with friends on weekends.

After a delightful cruise on the Marne river, Marin D’eau Douce recommends a family visit to the War museum in Meaux. This museum is completely dedicated to the First World War, a place to escape from your daily routine! It was inaugurated on the 11th November 2011. The collection is composed of 50 000 objects and documents.

In January 2016, the museum acquires a bronze statue of the Marshal Gallieni made by Eugène Benet. Come and discover this outstanding statue, now situated in the museum, after an exceptional trip on the Marne river with Marin D’eau Douce.

The Great War Museum
A change of scenery along the Marne River

Renting a boat with Marin D’eau Douce is sure a joyful moment. Come and ask our captains for advice in order to visit Meaux and area the best possible way. Less than 30 minutes from Paris, Meaux has an unbelievable heritage. Discover the region by boat and open your eyes.