Marin D’eau Douce has dropped its anchor in this town of Seine et Marne (77) to make you discover the banks of the Marne river on board our electric licence-free boats, offering a fun and original unique experience! A green environment and change of scenery guaranteed!
Backed by its history, Meaux figures in the French heritage with its many monuments that can be visited during a getaway day outing near Paris.
30 minutes from Paris, the town holds many historical treasures, natural and cultural, to visit :
– The Pâtis natural park
This is the starting and return point of all our trips on the Marne river on board our electric boats without a licence.
Crossing this area during your bucolic getaways, discover the various landscapes full of natural treasures. This is the ideal spot for a picnic with your children, for a relaxing day out with your family or for drinks with friends.
Discover also a diverse fauna and flora, very different from the Parisian banks.
The 70 species of birds identified will amaze your children and delight photo enthusiasts. But the park is also a haven for colourful plants that will surprise you all along your boat trip : an incredible experience so near Paris !

The Marne seen from the river banks
Rich and diverse landscapes on the Marne

This park covers 150 hectares and is totally dedicated to outdoor activities, relaxing outdoors and discovering nature. You can also walk around the green and flower boarded paths after having rented a licence-free boat. A getaway from Paris and change of scenery guaranteed.
Enjoy a boat cruise on the Marne river to admire the landscapes of Meaux. Marin D’eau Douce assures you an exceptional discovery of the Seine et Marne region.

Meaux, the « Vieux Moulin » bridge
The « Foch » bridge on the Marne River in Meaux

The cathedral Saint –Etienne de Meaux

After having enjoyed a trip on the Marne river, the cathedral Saint-Etienne de Marne is inevitable during your getaways near Paris. Situated in the center of the old town, it is one of the main tourist attractions of the town of Meaux. Marin D’eau Douce advises you to leave the touristic sites in Paris and to come and discover the 5 naves, the 31 meters high vaults and the flamboyant tower of this roman catholic cathedral. Adults and children will marvel at its floodlit choir and its architectural finesse and delicacy.

The Great War Museum

History and architecture enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover this exceptional museum at the gates of Paris. The Great War museum is one of the architectural treasures of the Ile de France region. This unusual 7 000 m2 building seems to be suspended in the air defying the rules of weightlessness; you will have a wonderful panoramic view of the town of Meaux and surrondings from its roof-top deck.
This museum is entirely dedicated to the World War I: its remarkable collection of 50 000 objects and documents has become a reference for history lovers.
This is one of the mandatory visits for an outing combining relaxing and cultural activities, 30 minutes from Paris.

The Great War Museum in Meaux

The « Maison du Brie »

The « Maison du Brie » will delight gourmets with an original discovery around the Brie de Meaux AOP: an exciting activity for your children near Paris!
This location, situated in the heart of the town of Meaux, gives all the information you need concerning this typical cheese of the Seine et Marne region through original and entertaining staging: manufacturing steps, milk collection, cheese moulding, maturation in cellars etc. This inevitable culinary stop in the Seine et Marne is an ideal activity to discover with your children the treasures of the French terroir.
Don’t forget a Brie de Meaux cheese for your picnic on board of our electric, licence-free boats! An original way to taste local food while discovering the banks of the Marne river on a fun and out of the ordinary trip!

The Marne with Marin d’Eau Douce at Meaux