The “Jardin Vauban”

The "jardin Vauban"

When we settled in Lille, Marin d’Eau Douce immediately understood how lucky we were to be able to set up our base in front of this magnificent garden located along the Deûle river, which extends over nearly 3 hectares. Our electric and licence free boats blend perfectly into the atmosphere of the “Jardin Vauban” and will allow you to discover the park in a new and unusual way.

Appreciated by Lille residents for its calm and bucolic atmosphere, the “Jardin Vauban” is one of the most popular places in the city. Built in 1863 and now a historical monument, this garden is full of hidden and authentic places.

A lively place, you will be surrounded by the many joggers and musicians who give such a special atmosphere to this place.

In the English style garden you will find alleys lined with huge and diverse trees as well as many massifs, basins have also been dug where you can feed ducks and swans. In the middle of the garden you will have the chance to find the mystical artificial cave that you can cross while passing under the waterfall.

You will also find numerous statues and monuments to the dead throughout the park in order to pay tribute to Lille’s personalities.

On sunny days, the puppet theatre located in the old goat house will delight young and old alike. This former goat house dating from 1879, as its name suggests, has for a long time welcomed Tibetan goats following the wishes of a very rich man from Lille who bequeathed a large sum of money to the city upon his death in exchange for a place to shelter his goats. For a long time, it distributed milk to the poorest children.

Do not hesitate to come and discover our electric and licence free boats that will allow you to sail along the “Jardin Vauban”.

Boats sailing on Deûle

If you want a boat licence free and electric in Lille, you will love the charm of the Deûle, its peaceful and accessible side. In addition, the Deûle is still very steeped in history through the Citadelle Vauban, its proximity to the “Vieux Lille”, the commercial port and now new places of the 21st century such as the zoo, the Cita Parc amusement park and the trendy restaurants !