Travelling time

Travelling time on the waterways is a parameter as variable as on the road!

We indicate you the minimum cruising time needed to take maximum advantage of the unique environment which you will discover. Obviously, you can spend more time to stroll and take pictures or you can speed up your trip, as you wish.

You must not forget that the 40 kms of canals to which you have access are a living environment. You may come across private and professional boats that will have the full priority over you. Therefore, sometimes you need to give way to another boat and let it go in front of you.

This is the main reason why it can take more or less time than indicated below.

These cruising lengths are for guidance only and are not contractual.

Summary of journey times – round trip.
Itinerary Journey time (Round trip)
1Hr 2Hrs 3Hrs Half Day
(4 Hrs)
Full Day
(6 Hrs)
Villette Bassin X
The Ourcq Canal The Geode / Moulin de Pantin X
Hôtel des Douanes X
Parc Bergère X
Picnic in the Parc Bergère X
Sevran Lock before the Parc Pouderie X

Summary of journey times – round trip:

  • Villette Basin: 1 Hr
  • The Ourcq Canal:
    ➜ Hôtel des Douanes: 2Hrs
    ➜ The Geode / Moulin de Pantin: 2Hrs
    ➜ Parc Bergère: 3 Hrs
    ➜ Picnic in the Parc Bergère: Half Day (4 Hrs)
    ➜ Sevran Lock before the Parc Pouderie: Full Day (6 Hrs)
Navigate in the Port de l'Arsenal
Sunset above the Crimean Bridge and the Ourcq Canal
Through the Parc de la Poudrerie
With family on the Bassin de la Villette
Picnic in the Parc de la Villette on the Canal de l'Ourcq
Picnic hamper