The Cathedral

The gorgeous Cathedral of Strasbourg

Discover Strasbourg Cathedral from our electric and license free boat for a splendid ride.

Strasbourg’s “Notre Dame » Cathedral is a gothic period masterpiece. Its construction started in 1015. It was elected in 1874 the highest building in the Christian world with a 142 meters height.

Victor Hugo said about the Cathedral “Prodigy of the gigantic and the delicate”.

Its exterior facade shows us all the Middle Age history through its sculpture and a beautiful light/shadow game. This façade is known for a long and hard construction during centuries in a perfect gothic style.

After the fire in 1176 destroying the previous Ottonian style cathedral, the new bishop of Strasbourg orders the construction of a new cathedral: “Notre Dame de Strasbourg”. The work will only be completed in 1439 with an even greater and more beautiful new building than the one in Basel, Switzerland, their main concurrent at this time. The work begins in a Roman style but the arrival in 1220 of a new architect turned the building into a Gothic style.
The stained-glass windows from the 12th to the 14th and its impressive rose are not to be missed.

The Renaissance period astronomical clock with a mechanism dating back to 1842 is a masterpiece to be admired from our boats. This imposing and magnificent monument is a must see, it remains accessible from our nautical base, located “5 quai du Woerthel”, within only 10 min by walk.

Promise of a beautiful detour on board our boats or by walk!

On our nautical base, after a detour by the cathedral you can also enjoy a pleasant moment around us and selection of cold and hot drinks and various snacks.