Choose your boat

Marin D’Eau Douce offers 3 different sizes of boats to please all your tastes and expectations:

The Ace : boat for 5 persons (view from above)
  • The Ace seats up to a maximum of 5 people on board.
    This boat is ideal for learning how to navigate with your family (2 adults and 3 children for example). It is also the perfect boat for a romantic trip on the Parisian canals. 5 km/h speed (3 mph).
The Scoop : boat for 7 persons (view from above)
  • The Scoop can accommodate up to a maximum of 7 people on board and can take you and your friends for a trip along the different canals of Paris.
    There’s a friendly space at the front with a removable table for picnics or drinks with friends while sailing. A unique experience! 9 km/h speed (6 mph).
The Most : boat for 11 persons (view from above)
  • The Most welcomes up to a maximum of 11 people on board and it’s the flagship of the Marin D’Eau Douce’s fleet. Its large capacity makes it suitable for events, such as hen and stag parties, birthdays, and more.
    Despite its size, it is piloted as easily as the other two boats. The space on the boat is divided into two parts: At the back, there is the cockpit with comfortable seats and at the front the usual friendly space for chilling out, sunbathing and enjoying a drink with friends around the removable table. 9 km/h speed (6 mph).

Marin D’Eau Douce provides 22 boats with a total capacity of 150 people. Our boats have a speed between 5 km/h (3mph for the ACE) and of 9 km/h (6 mph for the SCOOP and the MOST). The capacity and size depends on the model of the boat. Every boat is equipped with cushions and an awning to protect you from the sun.

Electric, licence-free boats for everyone!

The boats are powered by an in-board electric motor and can be steered without a licence. In fact, any adult can steer them without any specialist knowledge.
A few minutes after our safety briefing, you will become the captain of your own vessel! You will know how to pilot it and basic rules to enjoy your cruise on the canals. Our boats will hold no secrets for you. They are ideal for discovering the authentic Paris, like a real Parisian.

Navigation on the Canal de l'OurcqSail on the peaceful canals of Paris.

With an electric propulsion, enjoy sailing without noise and pollution in Paris. You will be surprised by the peace that surrounds you because the canals are far from any roads and our engines produce nothing except power: no noise and no smell!

It’s such a pleasure to discover Paris in this unusual way.

Origins of our boats.

Marin D’Eau Douce’s boats are Made in France, in the city of Nantes, by the Ruban Bleu shipyard.

We chose the Ruban Bleu company for its experience, reliability and the design of the boats. We trust French know-how.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to organise a business event, an anniversary, or any event that requires prior planning.