The “braderie” of Lille

The Braderie de Lille, along the Deule

Marin d’Eau Douce is very proud to finally be able to participate in the Great Lille “Braderie”. Did you think you had already seen everything about this extraordinary event? What would you say to rediscover it on board our licence free electric boats ?

A national and European event, the great Lille “Braderie” is awaited every year by thousands of locals and visitors. Every first weekend in September between two and three million visitors come to the centre of Lille for the largest flea market in Europe.

The great Lille “Braderie” is an unavoidable event of Lille life for decades and decades with a European or even world-wide echo since people from all over the world meet in Lille for a weekend to hunt and find the rare pearl.

Historians found traces in the 12th century mentioning a European fair that would last for centuries but with little interest compared to what we know now. The arrival of the 1970s changed the situation and allowed the great Lille “Braderie” to regain renewed interest with the success it is now enjoying.

The Braderie de Lille a few decades ago

The success of the great Lille “Braderie” is easily explained by its traditions and its friendliness which have lasted for so many decades, in addition to the more or less 10,000 exhibitors selling everything imaginable over 100 kilometres, who have never heard of the famous piles of mussels accompanied, of course, by their french fries, which are essential for this unique weekend. To give you an idea, on average 500 tons of mussels are sold each year during the event!

The many activities such as concerts, mobile food stands and street artists add the festive touch that is essential to the unique atmosphere of the “Braderie”.

What a pleasure to stroll through the crowded streets of Lille to exchange with professional or non-professional second-hand dealers from all over Europe. The Lille “Braderie” is one of the last events that, despite its immense scale, has managed to keep its authenticity.

Marin d’Eau Douce looks forward to participating in this magical and extraordinary event at the next edition. Our 100% electric and licence free boats will make you discover this event in an unusual and unique way.