Journey time Lille

boat sailing on the canal

Have you ever dreamed of sailing around Lille along the Deule river ?

Thanks to Marin d’Eau Douce and its licence free electric boats you can now discover Lille and its surrounding from a new perspective.

Our boats are not only licence free but also fully electric so silent but above all 100% Eco-friendly !

On board our boats YOU are the captain ! Indeed, our licence free electric boats are so easy to handle that you don’t require any skills to sail them.

That’s why it’s up to you to manage your journey time, you are free to slow down in order to admire the landscape or to speed up to cover as much distance as you can in your allowed time. You are the captain, your rules ! Rent a boat with us is easy as, without any constrains, our only purpose is to give you a nice time.

Like driving a car, your journey time is depending on many criteria. The first thing you have to know is that you sail in a living environment, this way you won’t be alone on the water but you will cross wild animals, barges, recreational boats, kayaks, paddles, rowing…

As indicating on our navigation rules page, our boats don’t have the priority over the other boats you can meet.

You also have to take into account photo stops, picnics or the different possible mooring points on the course.

That’s why we indicate you the minimum navigation time to get to a point.
Itineraries / Round trip time, from our base to:

  • Bras de Canteleu jusqu’à Eura Technologies = 6 kilomètres = 1 heure
  • Fin du quartier du Marais = 10 kilomètres = 2 heures
  • La Canteraine = 18 kilomètres = 3 heures
  • Beussignies = 22 kilomètres = 4 heures
  • Don = 30 kilomètres = 6 heures