Meaux itineraries

The Meaux base situated on the beach has just opened and at its head a new captain.
Let yourself drift along the banks of the Marne river, more than 20 kms of waterways, in the nature, 30 minutes from Paris.
Our team, present on our base, is at your entire disposal to help you find the most adapted itinerary to your expectations.
Here are a few examples of cruises that you can make on board of one of our electric, licence-free boats :

1-hour itinerary

The starting point and return point of the Marin D’eau Douce tour is situated on the Meaux beach, at the entrance of the Pâtis natural park.
This trip will allow you to sail all along the the Pâtis natural park.

➜ 4 km Trip

The Marne River, wild and natural near Meaux

2-hour itinerary

Our 2 hour itinerary is situated between the Meaux Beach, your starting point and the “Moulin de Poincy”.
This tour is ideal for a little stroll in the nature and to discover this charming region.
Our electric, licence-free boats are so easy to handle that they are ideal for this kind of trip. Nothing better than a calm and relaxing moment, less than half an hour from Paris.

➜ 7 km trip (round trip) takes about 2 hours

The Marne, a green bower to discover by boat

3-hour itinerary

In 3 hours of navigation, you can leave our base on the Meaux beach, follow the bank along the Pâtis natural park, the “Moulin de Poincy”, before sailing in front of the inn:”Auberge du Gonfalon”. The place of return is the same as the place of departure, on the Meaux beach. The total round trip you will be able to enjoy covers more than 10kms on the Marne.
A great moment to share with your family or friends in the nature, at the gates of Paris. Enrich this experience by taking on board your boat aperitif hampers, snacks, picnics.

➜ 10 km trip (round trip) takes about 3 hours

The Marne: a country setting from the Restaurant Le Canotier

Half a day itinerary

A 4 hours navigation is ideal for a half-day trip.
Our tour is a 14 km trip out and back. You will have the opportunity to go along the Pâtis natural park , admire the historical buildings such as :”le Moulin de Poincy”, “l’Auberge du Gonfalon” or the many isles situated in the Marne.
Games to take with you on board the boat and snacks or picnic hampers are also available to enjoy your trip.

➜ 14 km trip (round trip) takes about 4 hours

Rich and diverse landscapes on the Marne

Full day itinerary

Make a cruise to explore an exceptional environment with complete peace of mind on our electric boats and with no licence!
A day of navigation is organised the following way: the departure takes place at our base on the Meaux beach, you then follow the bank to the Pâtis natural park, sail in front of “le Moulin de Poincy” and “l’Auberge du Gonfalon”, you continue sailing on the Marne along the many small isles and then come across the state-owned forest of Montreaux. Turn back at the level of the lock at Villers lès Rigault. This round trip covers 20 kms.

Don’t forget your picnic !

In every case, the Captain’s Guinguette can meet all your requirements, let it be activities, drinks or food.

➜ 20 km trip (round trip) takes about 6 hours

The Marne at Meaux