Fauna and Flora in Meaux

In Meaux, Marin D’eau Douce offers boat rentals on the Marne. You will be the captain of an incredible day with your family and friends.

Our base and the Captain’s Guinguette are situated on the Meaux beach in the heart of the Pâtis park and along the Marne river.

The Pâtis park fauna and flora

Marin D’eau Douce will make you discover the hidden side of the Pâtis park and will lead you with electric, licence-free boats sailing in the heart of the fauna and flora in Meaux. An unusual and exceptional green haven, 30 minutes from Paris.

You will drift along a 150 hectares preserved park used by walkers and joggers. A part of the park, semi-wild, is a fauna and flora paradise.

A rich and diverse nature can be discovered on the Marne river banks from silent electric boats electric licence-free boat

This touristic getaway is an original activity, you will spend a fun moment with family or friends.

You will find there 100 bird species and 17 dragonfly species. You will discover rare species, unique and original in the Ile de France region such as the common wall lizard, the ring necked snake, the blue winged cricket, the grey heron and the egret.

Discover the fauna and flora of the Marne with Marin d’Eau Douce

During this outdoor trip in the Seine et Marne, you will observe Terns best known under the name of “sea swallows” due to their colour and plumage or rare birds such as the Least Bittern.

A Least Bittern
Admire the Orchids

The flora counts 370 plant species. You will admire the colourful orchids that carpet the site.

This exceptional outing is possible with Marin D’eau douce, we have at your disposal electric boats, without licence. A fauna and flora getaway going through the Pâtis park. With this cruise you will feel in harmony with this incredible natural environment, 30 minutes from Paris.

The fauna and flora on the Marne river

The Marne possesses real ecological riches. The isles and the natural banks form a shelter for the biodiversity. Your romantic trip with your beloved one will be favourable to animal watching on the Marne.

The Marne River, wild and natural near Meaux

The quantity and number of species of fish are today the proof of the improvement of the water quality of the Marne around Meaux. On our electric, licence-free boats, you will be able to fish, for example: chubs, common daces, roaches, gudgeons, daces, sculpins, catfishes.

The Marne seen from the river banks

Be quiet, from our electric boats you will be able to get near to a variety of birds : grey wagtails, kingfishers, common sandpipers, crested grebes, mallard ducks, mute swans, grey herons, water hens etc. These birds are typical of a good river environment, for example: the kingfisher needs high and sandy riverbanks to build its small nests as on the isles.

The Marne with Marin d’Eau Douce at Meaux

Admire the banks without getting to near with the boat! Of course, you are the captain of your boat but the banks have bad surprises (trees under the water, rocks…). The richness of the trees around (elms, alders, ashes, willows) will highlight your family outing near Paris and Meaux.

Sailing on the Marne River on an electric licence-free boat
Sailing on the Marne with our licence-free boats